Creating Better Software Design using Unit Testing

Guidelines how applying unit testing or even TDD can improve software quality

21.10.2020 | DesignPatterns

DDD. Domain Driven Design for modelling complex business applications.

Domain-Driven Design (DDD) is an agile approach to building software that emphasizes focusing on the business domain.

04.12.2018 | DesignPatterns

Clean Architecture: An alternative to traditional three layer database centric applications.

Patterns, Practices and Principles

05.11.2018 | DesignPatterns

Software Design Patterns. Pros and Cons.

A brief overview of advantages brought by design patterns, and some criticism of them.

02.11.2018 | DesignPatterns

Effective communication in client relationships

Communication is an important aspect when handling customer requests. Here are some key points to take into consideration.

04.10.2018 | DesignPatterns

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